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 Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2015

Since the target of TEXNIKA INOX is to provide quality service to its clients, our company has developed and implemented specifications and quality management methods which correspond to the requirements of the international standardization system of quality assurance ISO 9001:2015.

The achievement of the abovementioned is a result of the proper administration and organization as well as the continuous training of our staff and the systematic application of internal examinations of the productive process. As a result, the organization of the company, the service to our customers and the support of our products are improved, which promotes and establishes our client's trust.

TEXNIKA INOX - D. Vasivaglis and Co has been certified with the ISO 9001 quality assurance system since 2001 for the design, manufacturing and technical support of equipment made of stainless steel for the food industry. The BVQI national certification body is responsible for conducting inspections on our premises.

The "CE" Label

Our equipment have been certified and carry the "CE" EU quality and safe function label, as they are manufactured according to the European standards, while they meet the specifications for the prevention of hazards which may arise during the use of this equipment, according to their hazard level and complexity. All of our products meet the standards concerning the prevention of hazards regarding their design and manufacturing.

The assessment of compliance starts from the stage of study and design to the manufacturing and quality control of our products. It is thereby proved by the drawing up of technical report and the compliance to the process which confirms the meeting of these standards carried out by the relevant certified body.