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The FSE line is ideal for the slicing of all kinds of meat with or without bone. The cutting performance of the machine can go up to 200 cuts per minute and it can be used for the slicing of fresh or slightly frozen meat (-4ο C). The machine is controlled by a microprocessor which enables the user to create various programs while the cut is consistent producing products of relatively fixed weight.

The intelligent slicing and portioning machine with electronic control and wider loading chamber - custom-designed for your particular needs... chops, pork neck, escalope, beef olive, Roastbeef, pork belly, smoked pork, fish, cheese and sausages

Unlimited versatility - slice thickness can be chosen infinitely variable from 1 mm to chamber length, for variety of products cutting

Time saving and cutting accuracy through: integrated optical sensor system time saving automatic return limiter

Optimum product yield due to:

automatic distribution of the remaining slice reduces leftover to minimum

Cutting section programming - dividing in sections allows best utilization of product and low wastage, since different slicing thicknesses can be programmed for one cutting cycle

immediate starting of cutting process to achieve high quality slices from the beginning - through integrated start and search control

Product outfeed for optimal further processing:

slicing in groups - the number of slices and gap between groups can be programmed

slicing finely shingled

automatic control of discharge conveyor belt speed

User-optimised handling:

large LCD-display for easiest program setting and complete overview about all cutting process data

99 programs selectable for intermittent or continuous cutting - best choice for doing wide range of cutting applications

easy data input such as slice thickness, number of slices and run off time of conveyor belt

Adjustable gripper - keeps all products tight in position for best slicing quality


Technical data SLICR comfort 25

connected load kW 5,7

chamber size mm 250 x 235 x 760

cutting length mm 0,5 - 500

length x width x height (with discharge conveyor) mm 1950 (3010) x 930 x 1340

weight (with discharge conveyor) kg 380 (438)

cutting rate single / double blade   slices per min. 220 / 440