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Co-Extrusion Technology

DJM’s co-extrusion machines are ideal for the production of (filled) snacks such as cheese balls, meat pies and other ‘3D Products’. They are unique in the world, which is illustrated by the fact that they can produce Scotch Eggs in one single process cycle.

Simultaneous production, deploying up to 14 synchronous extrusion heads (or more in extended machine-versions), is reflected in a very high production capacity of up to 84,000 products per minute. Also the patented DJM pressure distribution system plays an important role in co-extrusion technology and forms the foundation for a high, constant transport speed, combined with low operating costs.


Precise shaping and portioning of cylindrical, oval and round shaped products

Special extension for the production of unique Scotch Eggs

Two connectable vacuum stuffers will supply the total portion for each stroke to two Pressure Dividing Systems (PDS) for the outside shell and the core filling respectively

Easy change of dosing irises thanks to quick release clamps

Servo controlled table for optimal product shapes

Accurately depositing thanks to a servo driven shut off valve


Configuration Up to 14 synchronized nozzles

Line width 16” – 400 mm | 24” – 600 mm | 42” – 1,000 mm

Speed Up to 100 strokes per minute

Product types Filled product (2 product layers)