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Detectronic model 607-TD is the most recent development from Detectronic A/S in Farsoe Denmark.

It features a long list of new and innovative functions as well as significant improvement in the sensitivity with up to 70 %, making it one of the top sensitive metal detectors for the food industry. 

The newly developed Detectronc i-mapping software adds new standards for compensating difficult products by using a new software model, that allows the detector to use several channels to detect metal, and separate the signals of the product. This improves significantly the sensibility of the detector in both non-conductive, conductive and difficult products. 

Among the many new developments is the option, for the brand-new IP 68/IP 69 K classification for operation in tough and wet environments. 

The new ergonomically designed 7 inch multicolor screen, has been thoughtfully designed with a unique user friendly, and easy touch operator driven menu. The main screen menu allows the operator to use the ultra-fast screen response to easy access, all the key features in the machine. Furthermore, it can be set up with 4 different password layers to protect the metal detector from unauthorized use. 

Add to that the new audit menu, that allows both internal and external auditors to use a unique operator guided menu to perform both internal as well as external audits in less time. Store the information electronically, and take out the data directly on site from the metal detector USB or Ethernet connections.

USB connections are of course standard in the Detectronic supply because it makes perfectly sense, that our customer should be able to extract the data that is logged in the metal detector, this only adds to taking full advantage of the Detectronic metal detector control unit.

Detectronic metal detectors comply with modern European standards, all our machines are made in 304 stainless steel, with no painted components, regardless of the industry.