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This washing machine is constructed by NOWICKI to wash standard 200L (MWF-1), 300L (MWF-2) bins and pallets (MPD-1). It is designed to achieve maximum washing and disinfecting effect. The machine consists of a washing and rinsing chamber and the hydraulic loading-unloading device. The water circulates in a closed filtered cycle. The water consumption can be kept at low level since there is the possibility to adjust the amount of rinsing water used. An electronic dosing system monitors the process of washing and adds detergent during the washing cycle. The compact construction guarantees longevity while the safety guards and photocells of the security system ensure maximum safety for personnel during the machine’s operation. Through the use of the rotating arm with washing nozzles the productivity climbs to 60 bins (MWF-1), 90 bins (MWF-2) and 30 pallets (1200X800X900mm max dimensions) per hour.

·    Stainless steel construction
·    Stainless steel washing pump
·    The water is heated by: electric, steam, electric-steam, gas and oil
·    Rotating washing arm
·    Automatic dosing device of detergent
·    Multistage protection system during realization of process
·    Device for the loading and unloading of bins
·    Closed water circulation with filtration system
·    Full adjustment and control of washing process for each individual operation