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BRINE MIXER 1000L [ZMS-1000]

BRINE MIXER 1000L [ZMS-1000]
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Dual brine preparation system

Designed for preparation brine with lots of dry ingredients. The system allows for quick and effective achievement of homogenous brine used in food processing. Two tanks (preparing and storing tanks), two highly efficient pumps, a computer control system and cooling system - all of this enables to carry out further injection and massaging processes effectively. This results in quality improvement of a final product.

Construction advantages:

Open construction of the dual brine preparation system meets the highest hygienic requirements and enables an adjustment to individual customer needs by means of:changing of overall dimensions of the entire unit, changing of volume and dimensions of the brine tanks

installation of brine cooling system with an independent cooling unit or a possibility of connecting it to a customer's internal cooling system

full automation and control of the process by:

- Automatic valves control - automatic control of water quantity - control of quantity of pumped out ready solution for further processing - control of temperature

efficient brine cooling system

automatic refilling system of brine in the injector

optional system operation with high viscosity brine by:

- stronger and more effective high share pumps - vibrator mounted on the hopper

possibility of using mechanical agitators (optional)


Type ZMS-1000

Tank capacity dm3  2x1000

Dimensions: L=length mm 3300  B=width mm 2100  H=height mm 2450 

Weight kg  1100