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MPA-1200 tunnel washer is designed to wash containers of dimensions max. L x W x H 700x600x400 mm), of efficiency 1200 containers an hour. It provides effective washing and disinfection process with very low media consumption. Equipped with extremely efficient container blow-off system. The container washer is easily adaptable for use with an automatic warehouse of containers.

Construction advantages of MPA-1200

work mode: pre-wash section, washing section, rinsing,steaming (optional) and air blow-off system

plate link chain

closed water circulation system with filtration system, self-cleaning rotating filter as an option

output on plastic containers: 1200 per hour (dim. 400x600 mm)

two water tanks with 450 l. capacity

automatic chemical dosing pump with concentration display

stainless steel nozzles with easy to disassemble washing manifolds, numbers of nozzles

water heating systems: electric, steam, steam-electric,oil, gas, water or steam exchanger

automatic water temperature control system

gravitational, self-regulating pressure top rail

air blow-off module with 8 ventilators (option) opening up the side

guards guards protection against accidental opening

Touch screen control panel:

easy to use colour 5.7 ”touch panel

switching the pump on and off with operation signaling

turning the conveyor on and off together with smooth speed regulation and operation signaling

washing temperature control system and temperature hysteresis with a clear display of set and current parameters

automatic water level control and correction system

a system that allows saving water in the device in the event of a temporary lack of container in the tunnel

switching on the dispenser together with the indication of the detergent shortage

safety switches

container counter

SCADA monitoring system (option)

water consumption measurement (option)

The MPA-1200 industrial machinery feature a new, self-aligning container clamping system which adjusts to the container without operator interference.


Type MPA-1200

Efficiency containers/h 1200

Dimensions with air blow-off module H mm 2029 B mm 2148 Length mm 11775

Weight kg 2800