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The DETECTRONIC pipeline metal detector finds its way into many different industries where it provides an effective guard against metal contamination. The machine range among the strongest and toughest on the market. Its robust structure and heavy duty frame makes it a survivor in any environment.

The DETECTRONIC Pipeline metal detector is also among the most sensitive on the market with extreme inspection capabilities down to 0,8 mm. Its compact footprint and versatile application possibilities makes the DETECTRONIC pipeline detector a preferred choice by many customers. The extreme robust and innovative rejection valve that DETECTRONIC invented more than a decade ago, has now also found its way to many other applications.

The DETECTRONIC reject valve is characterized as being able to reject as little product as possible when encountering a metal contamination, this means less loss of product and a better profit. The ESP software system in the DETECTRONIC pipeline detector ensures an automatic compensation for fluctuations in product temperature that can lead to false rejects.

The Pipeline Detector can also be manufactured specifically to your needs, applications and mounting requirements. Our range of products starts from 1, 5 inch and goes up to 10 inch machines. DETECTRONIC metal detectors are among and the most reliable on the market. We build our machines to survive in every industry, and in every corner of the world.