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The washing machine is designed by NOWICKI to wash all kinds of containers , covers of containers etc giving optimal washing effects.
The MP-300, MPU-600 Container Washers are available in a modular version (with possibility of extension of the initial washing module and/ or the air dry module).
·    Stainless steel construction
·    The water circulation is performed in a closed circuit system
·    Continuous washing system
·    Stainless steel centrifugal pump
·    Water heating systems: electric, steam, electric-steam, gas, oil and hot water
·    High efficiency –up to 600 containers per hour (for MPU-600)
·    Regulation and distribution of rinsing water in range: intensity of rinsing, refreshing of tank water, overflow
·    The containers are transported via a mechanical speed regulated conveyor
·    Effective water filtration system: enlarged surface sieve / slotted rotary filter (optional)
·    High pressure nozzles whose ankle of spraying can be regulated
·    Cutting off system for the rinsing
·    System for monitoring the detergent concentration and dosage
·    Container’s counter (optional)

 A tunnel washer designed to wash containers of dimensions max. L x W x H  700x600x400 mm),  of efficiency 1200  containers an hour. It provides effective washing and disinfection process with very low media consumption. Equipped with extremely efficient container blow-off system. The container washer is easily adaptable for use with an automatic warehouse of containers.


  • constructional realization completed of stainless steel based on CE directives
  • work mode: pre-wash section, washing section, rinsing, steaming (optional) and air blow-off system
  • plate link chain
  • closed water circulation system with filtration system, self-cleaning rotating filter as an option
  • output on plastic containers: 1200 per hour (dim. 400x600mm)
  • two water tanks with 450 l. capacity
  • automatic chemical dosing pump with concentration display
  • stainless steel nozzles with easy to disassemble washing manifolds, numbers of nozzles
  • water heating systems: electric, steam, steam-electric, oil, gas, water or steam exchanger
  • automatic water temperature control system
  • gravitational, self-regulating pressure top rail
  • air blow-off module with 8 ventilators (option)
  • opening up the side guards 
  • Touch screen control panel: 
  • Touch screen control panel
  • easy to operate colour touch panel 5,7”
  • on/off detergent pump
  • turning on and off the conveyor with a smooth speed regulation and signaling of operation
  • control of washing temperature
  • automatic controlling and correcting of  water level
  • switching on detergent pump with signaling of detergent shortage
  • alarms display on control panel
  • safety switches
  • containers counter
  • SCADA monitoring system (option)
  • water consumption counter (option)