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This multi-purpose machine is designed by FOODLOGISTIK to dice meat, cold meats, cheese vegetables, fish or fruit. It is robust construction and powerful motor makes it capable to cope with any production size. It is also suitable for the dicing of fat. 

The Power Machine with high flexibility - the DICETRONIC® guarantees highest quality and huge throughputs for cutting poultry, red meat, sausage or cheese blocks

DicetroniC® for superior cutting results, user-friendly machine operation and huge performance:

Perfect overview about all cutting parameters and easy data input - big screen with touch control

High flexibility and versatility at choice of cutting products - huge variety at cutting programs and own programming

Utmost cutting accuracy with maximum hygiene at product area - integrated measuring system for piston positioning

Unique system for feed length control with extreme high precision

Automatic pressure monitoring during the cutting process

Powerful drive technology for cutting system and hydraulic system allows high throughput rates - slice-cut knife speed up to 400 rpm at maximum feed rates

Perfect adaptation to the cutting product - separate drives with individually adjustable speed for slice-cut knife and grid sets

Optimum product yield - automatic end-piece management and first-cut control

Technical Data CROZZDICR comfort 120

throughput kg/h max. 3.400

connected load kW 12 - 14,5

chamber cross section mm 120 x 120 inch (43/4 x 43/4)

chamber length mm (inch) 620 (247/16)

cutting length mm (inch) 0 - 50 (0 - 131/32)

length x width x height mm 2.265 x 950 x 1.200

weight kg 950