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MIXER 500L [MIX 500 Z]

MIXER 500L [MIX 500 Z]
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Machines are equipped with Z-type shafts or optional paddle shafts. Wide range of products, individual configuration and a variety of accessories, you can choose a machine that is perfectly suited to your technological requirements and the reliable operation of which you will be enjoying for decades.


The N&N’s MIX Z and MIX ZV series mixers are designed for very intensive mixing of highly fragmented thick and heavy meat stuffing, e.g. in the production of kebab meat as well as bakery and confectionery masses.

Technical data

Capacity [l] 500

Maximum load [l] 300

Installed power [kW] 11

Rotation speed of the shafts [obr/min] 4-40

Standard controls PLC with HMI

Net weight of the machine [kg] 1420

Current protection 50

Loading options PW 2/250

Unload 2x200L

Opening/Closing covers Hydraulic