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RVF 220 - Vacuum filler

The RVF 220 is a perfect and cost-effective solution for newcomers to vacuum filling technology, yet also suitable as a replacement purchase for your existing filling machine. It comes with all the technical features necessary for the trade and is ideal for frequent product changes.

The machine housing manufactured completely from stainless steel in hygienic design is compact and space saving.

The hoppers – available in a 50-litre version with cover or 100-litre version with flap – are distinguished by simple filling and easy cleaning. Maximum infeed with minimum residual amounts of meat emulsion are typical here.

The rotary vane conveyor system made of wear-resistant stainless steel guarantees a long service life and the best product quality. It ensures gentle transport of the meat emulsion and minimal air pockets in the final product.

The standard 12” touchscreen control enables easy operation.

The optional clipping socket allows various clipping devices and/or attachments to be operated. The optionally available casing holding device twists all types of natural and artificial casings with ease.

The advantages at a glance

Cost-efficient entry-level solution

Hopper sizes with 50 and 100 litre

Minimal air pockets in the final product and easy change of variety

Maximum hopper in-feed

Very simple operation thanks to 12“ touchscreen operation