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  • Brand: NOCK
  • Model: VLIESEX-V 460Ν
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VLIESEX V-460N is made by Nock so as to remove the membrane of all kinds of meat (pork, beef, turkey etc). Its low cost of purchasing and service in combination with high performance and reliability make Nock machines the best choice for the professionals.  

Application: combination machine as open top model with vast application possibilities:
derinding of round products such as knuckle of porc, ham / back leg
membrane skinning of porc, beef, venison, ostrich skinning of poultry
Safety notice: According to EN 12355 flat pieces may only be derinded with an automatic conveyor belt machine
HINT: If there are bigger quantities of meat to be membrane skinned, we recommend the use of a „pure“ NOCK membrane skinner (i.e. NOCK Vliesex V460N), since combination machines will lead to a worse yield due to their more abrasive toothing of the transport roller
Standard equipment
transport roller without circumferential grooves and spring-suspended blade holder
two-speed motor
a dynamic (counter-rotating) cleaning roller made of stainless steel and the NOCK Air-Jet compressed air cleaning sytem keep the transport roller constantly clean during operation
blade holder with captive screws
ergonomically favourable trapeze-shaped casing for maximum stability when transporting the machine over uneven surfaces ergonomically favourable safety foot switch bar, adjustable in height
15 mm thick NOCK POWER PLATES® installed in the machine casing provide constant precision and service friendliness
safety switch for processing table
lockable castors
stainless steel

Technical data

Vliesex   CV 460

cutting width 430 mm

cutting speed 16 m/min for derinding, 32 m/min for membrane skinning

blade gap 0 - 4.5 mm

overall dimension W x H x D 750 x 970 x 700 mm

weight 150 kg

motor performance 0.55 / 0.88 kW

electrical connection 3 AC - 400 V - 50 Hz IEC 60309 16 A 6h other voltages upon request

compressed air connection 5 < p <10 bar plug coupling DN 7.2 (G1/4" external)

compressed air requirement ca. 250 l/min (ambient pressure)