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Made of a practically indestructible material these polyethylene doors are suitable for the production areas of the food industry. The thickness of the door is 15 mm. The edges of the door are rounded and you can choose from a variety of colours.

The door is connected to the hinges via a reinforced polyethylene bar of 38mm in diameter. The hinges are also reinforced and are equipped with a system that can keep the door closed (return system). There is also a "stop" position where the door can remain open. Extra sheets of polyethylene can also be placed where we expect to have the door hit by passing carts etc.

The door is installed in stainless steel frames according to the desired width. A circular window can be incorporated in the door without the use of rubber that wears out. Its diameter is 320 mm made of transparent material (thickness of 3 mm)

Dimensions: 2200x2300 mm