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This chamber is suitable for the treatment of meat products which are to be boiled. All stages of the treatment of each product is executed automatically.

It is manufactured with stainless steel AISI 304 which is suitable for for use in the food industry.
The chamber consists of the side walls, the roof, the floor and the door.
All the walls carry insulation of compressed polyurethane 80mm thick. The floor is made of reinforced frames. There are side protective guides and a loading ramp.
The door is robust held in place by two specially designed hinges. Two clamps and silicon rubber all around the door stop the leaks and make the chamber air proof.
The chamber is heated by a network of steam tubes made of stainless steel. The extraction of air from the inside of the chamber is done with a centrifugal, stainless steel fan and electro-pneumatic gear. The steam is rushed into the chamber through the specially designed side channels which are responsible to allocate it accordingly. There is also a cold water network to "shower" the products.

The double trolley chamber dimensions are: 1600x2500x2800 mm
The dimensions of each trolley are: 1000x1000x1980 mm
The Capacity of each trolley is: between 120 and 300 kilos depending on the product.
The production of a double trolley chamber is: 500Kg of sausage in 2,5 hours roughly.

The operation of the chamber is completely automated and is achieved with the new processor JUMO mTRON.
This processor executes the desirable programs for the products in all stages [steps] of treatment [boiling - Shower - abduction of air-warning].
A core sensor is used so as to have better control of the temperature and achieve the best possible results.
The processor is easy to use and can be easily programmed.

Its memory can store up to 99 programs that can be recalled or changed at any given moment. Programs are selected from a list or the icons appearing on the control-panel. Each program containing the desirable steps (values and limits of our choice) which can be up to 99 for each program.

The control panel as well as all the electric elements that are required to ensure safe and proper operation are included in a stainless steel compartment.
A micro-processor is responsible to inspect the chamber's operation. A whole series of safety pre-cautions make sure that we get a warning when there is a malfunction.

Voltage / Power: 400 V / 6,0 KW
Supply of cold water: pipe ½’’, pressure 2 - 4 bar.
Supply of steam: pipe 1’’, pressure 2 bar.
Air supply: pipe ½’’, pressure 5 bar.