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The thermoforming machines are extremely compact and reliable. They satisfy the needs of small to medium production cycles with the quality and technological features of the greater series. They are made of stainless steel and designed for easy cleaning, to prevent the buildup of working residues and to grant long - term durability. The applications can either be in the food sector (meat, fish, cold cuts, cheeses, pastry, fresh pasta, sweets, etc.) or in the non - food area (medical instruments, spare parts, do - it - yourself items, etc.). The possibility to use different types of films, the simple operation, the different fields of application together with easy and limited maintenance, make the Freedom form - fill - seal machine the right choice many companies.

• Feed system: step motor for high precision and quicker speed adjustment.
• Reel capacity: reels up to 350 mm diameter for upper film and 400 mm diameter lower film with 3” or 6” cores (with adapters).
• Forming: for flexible films the user can choose between compressed air and/or vacuum forming. With rigid film compressed air is often used with plug assistance to ensure a high quality of forming. Different shaped trays can be easily and quickly obtained by simply changing the inner part of the die.
• Loading: manual or automatic, depending on product and quantities.
• Sealing: hot sealing plate can be either perimetric or total, with the following options:
• vacuum and sealing
• vacuum and injection of inert gas, followed by sealing
• simply sealing.
The sealing plate can be designed for easy-opening of the tray.
• Longitudinal cutting: rotating blade for flexible and rigid film.
Pneumatic pressure and / or scissors type cut for rigid film.
• Cross cutting: with knife blades for flexible film / with knurling for easy opening. With guillotine for rigid film / with guillotine and removal of shaped film with 3 mm or more.
• Shaped cutting: for specific products the cutting can be made to follow the product shape either with flexible or rigid films.
• Trim removal: off - cuts are removed by suction or, where necessary, can be wound on to a special spool or grinded.
• Guards: particular attention has been paid to prevent access to dangerous points in the machine. A series of cut - off switches stop the machine immediately if any guard is even partly removed.
• Controls: Freedom is equipped with plc and programming keyboard. Up to 99 programs can be stored, thus defining all parameters of the technological cycle (i.e. times, temperatures, vacuum level required for packages, drive pitch, chain speed and input of the various machine functions). An on - line help to the different programming phases is available. self testing allows the user to immediately identify the cause of a machine stop or problem, thus promptly taking corrective actions to reset the production cycle. Chains can be manually controlled for easier film introduction.
• Vacuum: a vacuum pump up to 200 mc - h, 300 m3 - h for F421 may be incorporated. Solutions using vacuum accelerator or centralised systems can also be used.
• Lower film web: Freedom may be adapted to take film width from 321 to 421 mm.
• Optionals: Freedom thermoforming machine can also be equipped with: shrinking system - gas injection system - transport date printer gas mixer - ink date printer – labelling machine