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  • Brand: STORM
  • Model: 61.2410.15
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The machine is designated for production of different products – melted cheese, dairy creams, pates, mayonnaise, ketchup, baby food, chocolate fillings, surimi, emulsions, marmalade and other products made on analogue recipes. The standard machine consists of thermo-insulated vessel, where stirring unit and three cutter knives cut and mix the components. Speed of stirrer and of knives can be smoothly adjusted. Vessel inner surface is made of polished acid-resistant stainless steel, which makes the cleaning easier. The vessel is offered with net volume 80 or 150 l. Linear drive allows working at 30° angle and vessel tilting and emptying. The lid opens/closes also with linear drive and during working process it is fixed with screw clamps (optional automatic pneumatic locking). For better sealing during working is used airseal. Machine control unit is Delta with touch screen, allowing various settings and saving a large number of recipes. As an option the machine is offered with Siemens controller. All machine parts in contact with the product are made of acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 316 and the other machine parts – of AISI 304. The machine complies with the Council Directives 2006/42/ЕС and 2006/95/EC, and USDA regulations.   Depending on the product the machine can be equipped with: - steam jacket for product cooling or heating; - vacuum pump; - direct steam injecting; - manual valve for emptying DN65; - pneumatic valve for emptying DN65; - pneumatic cover locking; - system for steam preparation (outlet, safety valve for pressure control).

Technical data: Art. numbers  61.2410.15

Net volume  150 l

Knife speed  300-3000 rpm./min.

Mixer speed  10-70 rpm./min.

Installed power 35 kW

Power supply - electricity/ steam/compressed air  3x400 V/50 Hz/3,5 bar, 135°C, 6 bar, Ø8